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Managing the China Challenge (2019)


A Whisper to a Roar (2012)

A Whisper to a Roar tells the heroic stories of courageous democracy activists in five countries around the world – Egypt, Malaysia, Ukraine, Venezuela and Zimbabwe – who risk it all to bring freedom to their people. 


A Force More Powerful (2011)

A Force More Powerful is a documentary series on one of the 20th century’s most important and least-known stories: how nonviolent power overcame oppression and authoritarian rule.


Orange Revolution (2007)

For 17 days in 2004, a group of ordinary citizens engaged in extraordinary acts of political protest in Ukraine. Through the eyes and in the voices of the people, Orange Revolution tells the story of a people united, not by one leader or party, but by one idea: to defend their vote and the future of their country.